Top 5 beauty trends in South Africa

Top 5 beauty trends in South Africa

In this article we will review:

Beauty is a billion-Rand industry in South Africa, whether it’s a bold lip, the latest hairstyle, or the must-have face product. And both men and women are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on cutting-edge treatments, beauty products, and accessories. This has also motivated investors in the country, like in other parts of the continent.  This article focuses on the top 5 beauty trends in South Africa and what makes them special.

The top 5 beauty trends in South Africa

South African celebrities and influencers greatly influence how the average South African purchases beauty products. More often than not, consumers make specific purchases of beauty products because they want to be as trendy as their ‘faves’.

In what direction, then, do these beauty trendsetters in South Africa influence the industry? Some of the most popular beauty trends among South African celebrities and influencers are:

Long, Luscious Lashes (LLL)

Yes, longer and fuller lashes are an item in South Africa- and that’s before you apply mascara.

If you don’t have long, lush lashes, listen to TLC’s Unpretty, which says, “If you can’t grow it, purchase it.”

For lashes, there are two options: artificial lashes that must be removed every evening or lash extensions. They can live for up to three months if properly cared for.

However, it is a process that requires patience in which lash extensions are applied one at a time with solid glue.


There’s always a new way to get flawless skin when it comes to cosmetic fads like hydrafacials.

The goal of hydrafacials is to use a device to cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

Serums are then used to moisturise the skin and help people achieve a more natural non-makeup makeup look.

Natural Hair

Natural hair alone is a multibillion-dollar industry.

South African natural hair bloggers also contribute to the trend by offering their own remedies for keeping their hair moisturised and strong.

Natural hair products, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly popular. Pearl Thusi, a South African actress, has her own hair care line, Black Pearl, and we’re all aware of how beautiful her hair is.

The natural hair movement gained traction even further when the 2019 Miss South Africa was announced at a spectacular ceremony — Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Ms. Universe and received numerous accolades for rocking her natural hair even on such a big stage.


Another cosmetic fad that has taken the South African beauty industry by storm is ultherapy, a non-surgical alternative to the classic facelift.

Ultherapy treats wrinkles, sagging skin, and other unsightly facial, neck, and chest areas.

You can achieve a more youthful appearance when you perform ultherapy using an ultrasound.

Nails, pretty nails

Whether you prefer short nails or acrylic nails, there will always be a nail beauty trend to try.

It could be a nail print of your favourite selfie, a must-have seasonal nail design, or even an abstract painting — it all comes down to selecting the right colours.

Another popular beauty trend is chrome nails, which involve dusting a powder onto the nail to achieve the desired effect – and when done correctly, chrome nails can be pretty intimidating!

On the other hand, getting the perfect beauty look necessitates more than just the right tools and cosmetics; drinking enough water daily goes a long way toward keeping your skin young, fresh, and hydrated.

Wrap up

As we can see, South Africa has a unique sense of style when it comes to beauty. From the traditional looks that are still popular today to the more modern trends that are becoming increasingly popular, there is something for everyone in South Africa. No matter your style, you can find a way to express it in South Africa.

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