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SA Ride-Hailing Drivers’ Survey: Frequently Asked Questions

ride-hailing drivers' FAQ

In this article we will review:

Do you live in South Africa? Are you an Uber, Bolt, InDriver, Didi or YooKoo driver?

Survey54 is gathering driver data to help ride-hailing companies streamline their services and make drivers’ experiences easier. We’ve answered any questions you might have about the process in this ride-hailing drivers’ FAQ:

1. What is this survey all about?

The purpose of this survey is to conduct market research on Uber, Bolt, Didi, In-Driver and Yookoo drivers. Our research team is analyzing data and gathering insights about drivers’ experiences using these apps. 

2. Why is the survey being conducted?

Through this survey, ride-hailing companies can gain insight into drivers’ viewpoints and improve the services and offerings they provide to them. You can help improve the drivers’ community, ride-hailing services, and incentives provided to drivers by participating in this survey.

3. Can anyone fill out the survey for drivers?

Only drivers using online ride-hailing platforms are eligible to participate. It’s best if the driver fills out the survey themselves in order to ensure the information provided is accurate.

4. What kind of information is needed for the survey?

A monthly statement of earnings that includes the number of trips made within a certain period of time, active phone number, and incentives received (if any).

5. Is it required that I fill out the survey more than once?

The survey will be completed by respondents once every month.

6. What are the rewards for filling the surveys?


7. If I earn cash rewards or airtime, when can I cash them out?

Within 2-3days after completing the survey. 

8. Would my personal data be shared with the public?

Your personal information is not required to complete the survey. Survey54 does not disclose your phone number or email address to anyone.

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