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According To Our Survey, These Are The Top Radio Stations in Accra

top radio stations in Accra

In this article we will review:

Radio Broadcasting in Accra dates back to the 31st of July, 1935 when a wired relay station was opened in the capital city of the old Gold Coast by Sir Arnold Hodson, the then Governor.

To prove this, find out top radio stations in Accra and trends in how Ghanaians listen to the radio, we conducted a survey with our respondents in Accra, Ghana.

Among the questions we asked were these:

What are your top Accra radio stations?

The responses we gathered from the survey we conducted show that Peace FM is the most listened to Radio Station in Accra, Ghana. The top 3 radio stations mentioned (according to frequency) were:

  • Peace FM 
  • Citi FM
  • Joy FM 

Others (by frequency):

  • Adom FM
  • Okay FM
  • Sweet Melodies
  • Hitz FM
  • Angel FM
  • Accra FM

What are the most widely used devices by listeners?

74.3% of respondents from our survey confirmed that they listen to the radio from their AM/FM-enabled mobile phones. This allows them to listen to their favourite radio programmes wherever they are. These significant figures for online and mobile devices show the influence of modern-day technology on radio listenership across Accra. 

young africans listening to radio on a mobile device with earpieces
Radio listeners are not limited to using traditional radio sets anymore.

What time of the day do Ghanaians prefer to listen to the radio?

Our survey shows that many radio listeners in Accra like to listen to the radio in the early hours of the day and the cool of the evening, as they’re starting their day or winding down.

55.6% of our respondents said that they prefer to listen to the radio before 8 am, 35.6% between 1 pm- 4 pm. 

What are Ghanaians’ favourite radio programmes?

Out of the responses gathered, news updates are the most popular radio programs, while musical shows and talk shows came in second and third. Respondents also enjoy sports programmes and public opinion shows.

Radio stations and advertising businesses can tap into these insights to reach audiences more creatively and effectively.

How much time do Ghanaians spend listening to the radio daily?

Ghanaians are spending valuable time listening to the radio.

50% of our respondents spend 2 – 4 hours per day listening to the radio. This amounts to valuable radio time that radio stations and brands should be capitalising on to bring premium content to listeners.

If this survey points at anything, it is the fact that as old as the radio is as an information dissemination channel, it remains an important public opinion tool in society. 

What’s your favourite Accra radio station?

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