Nigeria Beauty & Personal Care Trends Report

Nigeria Beauty and Personal Care Trends (2021)

nigeria beauty and personal care trends

Nigeria is one of the biggest influencers of beauty and personal care trends on the continent, with an industry currently worth more than $1.256 billion at retail.

With the Nigeria Beauty and Personal Care Trends report, Survey54 seeks to uncover the drivers behind the trends in this booming industry.

Stakeholders in this vast market are sure to find insights to drive business interests for profitability in 2022.


  • the biggest influences on how Nigerian women choose their skincare and beauty products.
  • top ingredients and products women look out for in their beauty and personal care products.
  • how to connect your business to opportunities created by trends in the Nigerian beauty industry.

What is Survey54:

Survey54 is a market survey and data collection platform that uses mobile technology to reach audiences in emerging markets and diaspora communities. Reach audiences within Africa, the Middle East or the African-American community.

What is our mission:

Our mission is to make people data more accessible in Africa and other emerging markets. We are building a data library to understand the African consumer using AI.