Audience Measurement Tracker for Ghana

Understand broadcast media consumption and track ads across Africa. Audience Measurement fosters transparency and robustness in measuring Radio and TV audiences.

Authentic Audience Profiling Data
to Boost Your Media Campaigns

Track and Manage Audience Measurement Data

The greatest TV viewer & radio listener tracker with unlimited flexibility, designed to help advertisers gain more insight into their stations and the consumption of their media content.

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Get Equal Monetary Value for Your Reach

Audience measurement enables you with data to know when your most audiences are tuned in. Your air traffic, that’s your advantage. Get the most out of your station’s reach. Know it, use it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the data collection methodology?

We use the stratification method (dividing the population into segments based on specifics).

How is the data collected?

We collect enormous data via the web, mobile app, & WhatsApp. We use SMS and USSD for specific cases. The process also ensures that data comes from the intended demography. 

What is the ideal sample size?

The sample size is about 700-1000 respondents daily, depending on the region focused on

How often are responses collected?

Responses are collected on a daily basis. 

What is the recall rate?

The recall rate is very high due to the frequency of our surveys. 

Is data provided for ratings and shares format ?

 Yes, the data gives room to monitor performance against that of competitors.

How are lower LSM/mid income earners measured? eg. market women?

We understand that there are lots of mid/low-income earners in Africa. So, the Whatsapp and SMS options are used to survey them. 

What is the Audience Measurement Product Coverage in Ghana?

Available in Ghana. Looking to expand into Nigeria and other Francophone countries. We are open to clients that need Audience Measurement insights in other parts of the continent too.

Is advert and commercial monitoring offered?

The Audience Measurement product allows users to know their share of listenership. Similarly, Ad-intel/Commercial monitoring technique tells clients if their adverts were played or not. 

What is the product pricing?

Cost- pricing is bespoke. For startups that may not afford the full package, we can accommodate them by removing some features of the product and allowing them access to the basics.